The Tree goes back to The birth of GEORGE FREDERICK HANNING WERNECKE of Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark in 1764. After some years of travelling the world he settled in Salina (Syracuse) New York and married a German women, Catherine Wolfe. This was Catherine's second marriage, the first was to a Mr. Myers. As a youth , Catherine Wolfe,daughter of Peter Wolver and Ms. Wetherstone, was one of few survivors of an Indian massacre in the Mohawk Valley. They had four sons , John Christian Warnick, George Frederick Warnica , Joseph Gotleib Warnica and William Daniel Warnica. After the war of 1812 they all moved to Markham, Ontario Canada , (including Catherine's son, David Myers) and on to the Barrie , Ontario area. John Christian Warnick eventually returned to the states in the Wisconsin area and Joseph Gottlieb Warnica also moved his family to the states in the Michigan area. Both Joseph and his son Joseph joined in the Cival war as well as Charles Manson Warnica (listed as Charles Manson Warnicz), the son of George Frederick Warnica. Any additions to the tree would be appreciated. As well any information on the family of Catherine Wolfe or of the massacre.
Captain Myers and Catherine Wolfe (Wolever) were married in the Mohawk Valley New York about 1790. They had three children near Salina (Syracruse) NY. It appears that Catherine married a Joseph Myers in Herkimer County (this has not been verified yet) and had one child , David , then moved to Madison county N.Y. and had two more children, Peter & Leonard.

A. / David, the oldest child was, born about 1796 in N.Y. state and as we know moved north when he was about 21 years old with his mother, George Wernecke and their family. They first settled in Markam and later he moved to Innisfil where he bought the south half of lot 16 Con. 10 from Alexander Gunn for 200 pounds. David farmed this land and did not appear to be as well educated compared to his stepbrothers John, George, Joseph and William. David seemed to get himself in financial trouble and repurchased his own farm on three occasions after not meeting the payments. Each time that David repurchased his property his stepbrothers were there and signed on the documents. It would seem that they were a close family and took care of each other. David sold his 100 acres (less the ¼ acres where the tavern was situated belonging to Adam Myers) on June 30th 1871 to James Barclay and William Patterson. Adam Myers sold his ¼ acre to William Webb, March 31st 1875 for $1,200.00. This date is the last record of the Myers in Innisfil.

David married Sarah (last name unknown) on or about 1845. Sarah’s was born about 1801 and they had three children.

1./ Adam Myers born about 1837, with his father severed off ¼ acre on the north east corner of highway 11 and the 10th concession intersection. Here they built an Inn with a tavern. In the diaries of Jeremiah Graham Soules, he mentions staying at the Myers Inn and that Adam Myers was a very pleasant and sociably person. Adam married Mary Hudson b:1847 M:February 8th 1867 and they had three children. Thomas Myers born about 1868 George Myers born about 1869 and   Mark Myers born about 1870 . 2.Elizabeth Myers born about 1846, married Henry Reynolds on March 31st 1873. . 3.Amanda ? (not verified).

According to the 1872 Gazetteer of Simcoe County the above address also shows a Uriah Myers living at the Adam Myers residence. Uriah does not show up in the 1871 census and this question may be answered later on in this newsletter.

 B. / Peter Myers was the second son of Catherine Myers and was born in Madison County New York state about late 1799 and died in 1870. He is buried in the Liverpool Village Cemetery, section 9 plot 90 with his wife and son. There is a Hattie Myers buried in their plot also, who died in 1834. It is unknown at this time who she may be but speculation may make her the first child of Peter & Nancy? Peter worked as a Blacksmith in Liverpool N.Y. repair kettles for the salt industry.

Peter married Nancy Heath (b:1802 d:1893) and had four children, not counting Hattie. The oldest child was:

1.Franklin b: 1835 who married Elleanor Downe (of Liverpool) on Thursday March 10th 1864 by Rev. C.W. Hawley. Franklin was a farmer in Onondaga County. . 2.Frances, born 1837 . 3.Mary, born 1840 . 4.Uriah H. Myers born 1843, died 1881 and is buried with his parents in the Liverpool Village Cemetery.

The following article is from the Liverpool Journal, Feb. 4 1861.

"Accident at Liverpool, A young man about 18 years old, named Uriah Myers, son of Peter Myers of Liverpool, received a severe injury last evening from the kick of a horse. The horse's toe cork hit him directly over the right eye, breaking in the skull. Dr. Shipman found it necessary to perform the operation of trepanning upon young Myers and removed from the injured part sixteen pieces of bone. The young man was rendered for some time insensible by the wound but is today doing well."

It might be possible that the above accident made it difficult for Uriah to support himself fully and he was sent to live with his uncle David after his father’s death in 1870. That may be why there is a Uriah Myers appearing in the 1872 Gazetteer living at the Innisfil home of David and Adam Myers? If that is the case and it was David’s nephew, Uriah would have to be taken back to New York state at some point because he is buried at the Liverpool cemetery. And if Uriah moved back, did David, Adam and his family relocate also? We are still looking.

C./ Leonard Myers , 3rd son of Catherine, was born in Madison County New York about 1801. Leonard was adopted out (after his father died) to a wealthy Presbyterian. When they died, they left Leonard a wealthy man. Leonard took his money to one of the new west states and lost his money on investing in the mills and distillery when they burned down.

There is no trace of Leonard as of yet. There is another Leonard Myers that was born in Madison County and lived with the John & Julia Fort Family but Leonard’s age is wrong in the 1855 census.

Any help with this family would be appreciated. Willing to share.

The Soule family in the Americas start with George Soule arriving at Plymouth on the Mayflower.  George's great grandson Daniel lost his land in America because of his loyalty to the crown in the British-American war. The crown rewarded him with property in Digby Nova Scotia. Daniel's son Daniel Soules moved from digby  m to Thornhill Ontario. Two of Daniel Soules' sons , David and James moved to Innisfil in 1822. Their brother, Peter's daughter, Sarah Soules Also moved to Innisfil and Married John Lyon Warnica.  David Squire Soules married Sarah Youmans on August 23, 1810 and had one son Samuel Lount Soules. Samuel Lount Soules was names after David and James' sister, Elizabeth's husband, Samuel Lount who was by all reports a very fine & generous gentleman who is well known for his part in the rebellion of 1837. Samuel L. Soules married Sarah Maria Drury and had nine children, of which most moved to the States.

James married Jane Graham on January 04, 1820 and had six children. William J. Soules, Jeremiah Graham Soules, Elizabeth Soules, Sarah Soules, John Soules and Thomas Soules.
Jeremiah Graham Soules kept a diary from 1853 to 1876 and they are being transcribed at present by Bill R. Warnica.

William J. Soules married Elizabeth Sibbald and had five children and his second oldest John William Soules married Annie (Susannah) Guest on December 16, 1885 and had only one child, Pearl Soules. Pearl married Samuel William Daniel Warnica and had seven children, May 27, 1907. James daughter Sarah Soules married Robert Orchard , who is also part of the Warnica Family Tree.


Motto on Coat of Arms: Vigore et Honore The history of the Soules family was compiled by Rev. G. T. Ridlon of Portland, Maine, a professional genealogist, in two volumes (1814-1926). It dates back to 1066, when William Soules of Normandy, fought at, the Battle of Hastings in Sussex, England.  He was killed in that battle, leaving no issue, but later, a number of the Soules family came over and were given grants of land by William the Conqueror.  In 1620 George Soules and John Howland came in the Mayflower to Plymouth.  George Soules grandson, George, married John Howland's granddaughter, Lydia.  Daniel Soules, their son, was given a grant of land in Digby County, N.S., by King George the Third for loyalty to the Crown during the American Revolution, to which he moved from Dutchers County, New York, in 1783.  Daniel Soules Jr. was born in 1760, married Achsah Elizabeth Hollingshead, also of a United Empire Loyalist family in Nova Scotia in 1785, moved to Upper Canada in 1795, settling at Thornhill, where he died and was buried in 1840.  After his death his wife came to live with her daughter, Mrs. Barnet Vanderburgh on Lot 16, llth Concession of Innisfil.  She died in 1862 at the age of 92 and is buried in St. James Cemetery in Stroud.  Her son, James signed the Oath of Allegiance in 1819 at York (Toronto) and was married to Jane Graham of East Gwillimbury, January 24, 1820 (I have these papers). In 1822 they moved to Innisfil Township, settling on Lot 26, Con. 14, on the south shore of Kempenfelt Bay, the area being known as Big Bay Point.  James was building a frame house in 1833 when he lost his way in the forest and was frozen to death.  He is buried next to his son, Thomas, on his own farm, which was in possession of the family for 125 years. The plot was sold and is now with in inches of  the north end of the house at the South West corner of Guest Rd. and Dixon Rd. Innisfil. The monument has been donated to the Simcoe County Museum in Barrie. Eight generations have lived in Innisfil

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