The above photo was taken about 1919 and is the wedding photo of my grandfather and grandmother. I will name who I know and hopefully somebody will recognize the others. On the far right is my great grandfather John Burdick, father of the bride. To the left of John is the groom, my grandfather Thomas George Usher. The bride, my grandmother Lydia (Nellie) Burdick. The young flower girl is unknown to me. To the left of the flower girl is my great grandmother C(K)atherine Towle and mother of the bride. The person behind the flower girl to the best of my knowledge is John Oscar Burdick son of John Burdick and brother of the bride. The rest are unknown to me except the male on the far left and the female directly behind the older woman beside him are possibly Leggitts which was Thomas George Usher's mother's maiden name. The Burdick family was also close friends of the Clark family and Catherine and John are buried in front of the Clark family plot in Ravenswood, Ontario.

Photo #2