Parry Sound

North Star, The (also The Parry Sound North Star)
Parry Sound, Ontario
01 October 1874 - Present (weekly). Absorbed The Beacon (1980's?) Note: The Parry Sound North Star has been in publication since 1874 and early issues covered a large part of what now forms Parry Sound District. Many events which occurred in the Collingwood and Owen Sound area are also contained in the early editions, in large part due to Parry Sound's close connection with other Georgian Bay ports. Microfilmed copies (1879-1971) are available for viewing at the Parry Sound Library, as well as the Archives of Ontario. The electronic publishing division of the North Star (Parry Sound Online) has been transcribing all births, marriages, and deaths recorded in the surviving microfilms (1879 to present) since 1998. Volume I (1874 - 1904) is completed and currently on-sale from the North Star ( Depending on how Volume I is received, work on Volume II (1905 - 1935) should begin early in 2000.

The Beacon, (also Georgian Bay Beacon)
First published 15 May 1980 - absorbed by The North Star

Canadian (also Parry Sound Canadian)
16 February 1895 - 1938 (weekly). Microfilmed copies available at the Archives of Ontario.

Northern Advocate
14 September 1869 - 1870 (weekly). Moved to Bracebridge, Ontario in 1870.

Burk's Falls

The Almaguin News (also Burk's Falls Arrow)
Burk's Falls, Ontario
1885 - Present (weekly). Absorbed the Sundridge Echo (1930?), and the Powassan News (1966). Name changed to Almaguin News (1966). Published as Burk's Falls Arrow (1885 - 1966).

Beacon (also Burks Falls Beacon) 1897 - 1901?


Powassan News 01 May 1907 - 1966 (weekly). Absorbed by the Almaguin News (1966)


Muskoka News
Began publication with Apr. 19, 1961; ceased in Nov.? 1961. Available on Microfilm from the National Library of Canada AMICUS No. 7649882

The Banner (Gravenhurst)
Began publication in 1880?; ceased in Nov. 1961 Available on Microfilm from the National Library of Canada AMICUS No. 7649277

Huntsville Forester- Online Here

Established 1877

Muskoka Times

Newspapers on Microfilm Available Through ILL at the
National Library of Canada.

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